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Benefits & Cost Savings

of the ATM Shield®

• Significantly reduces repair costs & downtime

• Protects from harsh cleaning solutions

• Dust and Debris won't settle in grooves

• Easier Cleaning and Maintenance

• Shields ATM from Direct Sunlight, Rain, Snow and Moisture

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ATM Shield®

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Welcome to ATM Shield

Welcome to ATM Shield. Our innovative ATM Shield uses technology to protect vulnerable ATM face components from exposure to potentially damaging conditions, both indoors and outdoors.

Over the past six years, we constructed and tested various make-shift protectors for our own outdoor ATM units to avoid water and weather damage. We had grown tired of the hassles and costs involved with repairs and replacement parts, as well as lost profits while machines were out of service. After many attempts and adjustments, we finally perfected our product, the ATM Shield.

Protect your ATM

ATM Shield


With easier cleaning & maintenance our new thicker gauge, flexible plastic won’t let dust and debris settle in the grooves of your machine.

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Impact Guard


Our polycarbonate based Screen Impact Guard is built tough for long lasting protection of your machine.

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Canvas Cover


Ideal for keeping your ATM Machine concealed & safe in transit with a reinforced nylon handle for convenient ATM mobility.

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Canvas Cover


The Enclosure Canvas Cover is great for long term protection during storage our Canvas Cover has a marine grade woven fabric.

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The benefits of the ATM Shield can be realized by indoor and outdoor units alike. By nature of serving the public, all ATMs are subjected to constant customer wear and tear, especially units placed where food is served. In addition, cleaning solutions used to wipe down machine components are liquids containing harsh chemicals that can potentially short out electronics in your ATM. Once the ATM Shield is in place, dust and debris can no longer settle in keyboard crevices and grooves. This makes for easier cleaning and maintenance.


Made from a thin layer of high-grade, vacuum-sealed plastic, the ATM Shield easily adheres to machine components using a 3M™ adhesive border and watertight gasket seal. Screen, button, and keyboard mechanisms are protected from water, dirt, dust, food, inclement weather, destructive cleaners, and other detrimental elements. The ATM Shield is made from a durable plastic that also provides UV protection.

Save Money

We also made sure the ATM Shield was priced so ATM owners could afford to protect all of their machines. Covering ATMs with the ATM Shield results in reduced downtime and service costs, and it allows for maximum customer service. ATM replacement parts usually cost at least $150, plus charges for labor, which adds up quickly when you own multiple units. Turning away customers due to dysfunctional units result in lost profits while waiting for replacement parts to ship and service to be scheduled.